The Curse of Gandhari 

In this insightful and sensitive portrayal, Aditi Banerjee rescues Gandhari from being reduced to a mere symbol of her blindfold. She builds her up, as Ved Vyasa did, as an unconventional heroine of great strength and iron will - who, when crossed, embarked upon a complex relationship with Lord Krishna, and became the queen who cursed a God. - Bloomsbury

Invading the Sacred: An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America Hardcover

Invading The Sacred: An Analysis Of Hinduism Studies In America was initially written as a research paper, but branched out into an actual novella. The first edition was published by Rupa & Co. as a paperback in 2007. It deals primarily with the Western, Eurocentric, and homogenised view of Hinduism and Hindu customs in the American Academy, of Hinduism studies.

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Image by Álvaro Serrano
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Reading liberates us from the constraints of time, place and circumstances.Not only can books transport us to different lands and ages. They can also create new worlds in which our hearts can dwell -
Aditi Banerjee